Atoms for Peace - what will be our Legacy?

Vol. 45-2

December 2003

The December 2003 IAEA Bulletin edition marks the 50th anniversary of the historic “Atoms for Peace” speech delivered by US President Eisenhower in 1953, asking for the creation of an International Atomic Energy Agency. It includes retrospectives on the motivations for the creation of the Agency and on the Agency’s achievements since then, as well as articles about its future. Articles also focus on the IAEA’s changing political environment; on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and disarmament; and on the sustainability of nuclear power.

Atoms for peace plus fifty

Shadow and substance. Securing the future of atoms for peace

The changing landscape of Atoms For Peace

IAEA vision and reality. How far has the IAEA been able to realize the vision that inspired its creation in 1957?

Atoms for peace. A vision for the future

View from the Boardroom. The year that wasexclamation

The increasing risk of nuclear proliferation: Lessons learned

Verification ghosts. The changing political environment of the IAEA

Under fire: Is the world's treaty against the spread of nuclear weapons strong enough?

View from India: Bottling the nuclear genie

City mayors on the march. Hiroshima leading citizen campaign to ban nuclear weapons

Pillars of peace: The evolution of nuclear technical cooperation

Closing the divide: Can the IAEA make a difference?

Seeing the impact: The socio-economic benefits of peaceful nuclear technologies

Making nuclear power sustainable

Setting the standard: The IAEA safety standards set the global reference

The promise of innovation: Nuclear energy horizons

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