Atoms for better health care

Vol. 28-2

June 1986

The paper describes an IAEA/WHO project implemented in Egypt for earlier diagnosis and early treatment of cervical cancer

Promoting nuclear medicine in developing countries. An overview of the field and IAEA's role

Controlling cervical cancer in the developing world. A report on an IAEA/WHO project to help fight the disease

Immunodiagnosis of parasitic infections. Tools are evolving to help control diseases afflicting over 900 million people

Nuclear imaging: Advances and trends. Developments in several fields are influencing future directions

New agents to detect heart disease. A report on work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee

Nuclear cardiology for developing countries. Simple devices may answer practical needs

Tools for better health care. Radiation sterilization of medical supplies is set for rapid growth

A basic radiological unit: WHO's system. The World Health Organization's X-ray system fills a need

A worldwide network for scientific co-operation. A review of the growing role of IAEA's research contract programme

International dose assurance service. An IAEA programme for quality control in radiation processing

China's move to food irradiation. The table is being set for commercialization

Radioactive waste disposal: Moving ahead. A report from the IAEA's international symposium in Hannover

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