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IAEA Director Meets Finland's President and Participates in Nordic Nuclear Forum


Mr Grossi discussed global affairs and multilateralism with the President of Finland, Alexander Stubb.

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi was in Finland this week to meet President Alexander Stubb, with whom he discussed nuclear policies, non-proliferation and Ukraine. Mr Grossi also participated in the Nordic Nuclear Forum in Helsinki, highlighting Finland’s steadfast support of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, key to the IAEA’s mission.

Mr Grossi addressed the Nordic Nuclear Forum with a speech on nuclear energy’s role in tackling climate change, and the importance of the IAEA’s role in promoting the safe and secure deployment of nuclear technology.

“As the environmental crisis escalates, nuclear power stands as a sustainable energy source that can significantly reduce emissions,” he said.

Finland is nearing completion of the world’s first geological disposal facility, called ONKALO, which is being built in Olkiluoto, near Finland's south-west coast.

“Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear energy doesn’t burn its waste into the air, avoiding contributions to extreme weather and global warming. Finland, with its ONKALO, is a prime example of effective nuclear waste management,” said Mr Grossi.

During the two-day visit, Mr Grossi also met with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Elina Valtonen as well as Sakari Puisto, Chairperson of the Commerce Committee to discuss Finland’s peaceful nuclear programme. He held discussions with Finnish energy leaders on a range of subjects, from small modular reactors (SMRs) to fusion energy, responsible waste solutions and the need for increased financing.

“Collaboration is key to unlocking nuclear’s potential in meeting energy and environmental goals,” said Mr Grossi.

Mr Grossi met representatives from the of Women in Nuclear of Finland group at the Nordic Nuclear Forum in Helsinki.

During a visit to Finland’s radiation and nuclear safety authority (STUK), Mr Grossi thanked STUK’s Director General Petteri Tiippana for the authority’s dedication to nuclear safety, saying it set a benchmark for global best practices in the nuclear sector. The visit gave a chance to hold topical discussions with STUK’s management, a chance to meet STUK personnel, and to visit the authority’s laboratories and emergency centre.

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