Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors

Vol. 60-2

June 2019

The management of spent fuel involves a long-term commitment, and national strategies must be flexible enough to make it possible to integrate new technologies that will enhance and improve the efficiency, safety, security and sustainability of nuclear power. In this edition of the IAEA Bulletin, we examine solutions from around the world.

The importance of safe, secure and sustainable spent fuel management

Lifecycle of nuclear fuel

Under one roof: Russia’s integrated strategy for spent fuel management

France’s efficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle: what can oui learn?

Nuclear newcomers tackle spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management

Small modular reactors: a challenge for spent fuel management?

Fostering the safe and secure transport of spent fuel in the United Kingdom

Developing the first ever facility for the safe disposal of spent fuel

Coping with growth: China’s spent fuel management strategy

New e-learning course on the management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors

Spent fuel management: four decades of research

Building safeguards into the design of spent fuel storage facilities

Robotics Challenge winning design helps speed up spent fuel verification

Simplifying the transport and storage of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors

Learning from my past

What more than 28 years in the nuclear energy fuel cycle taught me about systems, knowledge management and running nuclear facilities

From lab to field: Indonesian scientists develop new crops for farmers by using nuclear science

Nuclear professionals share how to promote strong safety cultures: the IAEA’s school on leadership for safety

Viet Nam enhances food quality using irradiation

IAEA develops new method for tracking sources of water pollution


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