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IAEA Launches New Version of Advanced Reactors Database

The IAEA recently launched a new design of its Advanced Reactors Information System (ARIS) database, which provides detailed technical summaries of the various advanced reactors being offered globally. Read more...

Electricity and Energy Experts Discuss Role of Nuclear in Global Energy Mix at IAEA Meeting

Nuclear power needs to be more progressive and it has to accelerate innovation in order to be competitive and to coexist with other clean energy sources in the future energy mix, participants in an IAEA meeting concluded. Read more...

Ensuring Competent Workforce a Major Challenge for Nuclear Power Programmes, IAEA Meeting Highlights

The reliable supply and long-term retention of personnel to ensure a competent workforce is one of the biggest challenges for the nuclear community and for all phases of the nuclear facility life cycle, a group of experts agreed at a recent IAEA meeting. Read more...

Building a National Position for a Nuclear Power Programme

National position is the first infrastructure issue identified in the IAEA Milestones approach and represents the government support necessary to embark on a nuclear power programme. A new IAEA publication provides further information. Read more...

Quality Assurance a Vital Element in Success of Nuclear, IAEA Meeting Concludes

Quality assurance and quality control in nuclear facilities will continue to be vital in achieving the highest quality standards and safety objectives and must be an integrated part of a management system, an IAEA meeting concluded. Read more...


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 Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

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