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Environmental Protection Key for Nuclear Power Programmes, IAEA Meeting Discusses

Protecting the environment when developing a new nuclear power programme is one of the key issues that nuclear newcomer countries face. Read more...

IAEA Trains Geoscientists in Uranium Exploration

Uranium, the raw material for fuel for nuclear power reactors, is a natural resource that can be found in many regions in the world. However, many countries do not have the capabilities to explore for uranium. In order to develop the expertise to carry out this activity geoscientists must undergo additional training. Read more...

Better Together: Regulator and Operator Working Effectively Towards the Safe and Efficient Storage of Radioactive Waste in Serbia

A team of IAEA experts who reviewed the latest clean-up activities performed under the Vinca Institute Nuclear Decommissioning (VIND) programme at Serbia's Vinca site confirmed that the on-site works are progressing well. Read more...

African Scientists Learn about Nuclear Research Reactors First Hand in South Africa

For the first time, scientists from across Africa have come together to learn about the diverse uses of research reactors at an IAEA course earlier this year in Pelindaba, South Africa. Read more...

New Publication: Knowledge Management and its Implementation in Nuclear Organizations

The new IAEA publication Knowledge Management and its Implementation in Nuclear Organizations provides concrete guidance on how to strengthen the nuclear knowledge management process in Member States. Read more...


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Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

 Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

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