International assistance

If a State needs assistance in the event of a nuclear or radiological incident or emergency, it may request it from or through the IAEA. For this purpose, the Agency maintains the Response and Assistance Network (RANET).

RANET is an integrated system for the coordination of international assistance to minimize the actual or potential radiological consequences of a nuclear or radiological incident or emergency for health, environment and property. It also allows for advice and assistance to be passed on to the requesting State on response activities undertaken on the scene of an emergency to mitigate its impact.

RANET includes State Parties to the Convention on Assistance in Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency who have identified national assistance capabilities that consist of qualified experts, equipment and materials, which could be made available to assist another State. These States are capable and willing to provide, upon request, specialized assistance by appropriately trained, equipped and qualified personnel with the ability to respond in a timely and effective manner to nuclear or radiological emergencies.

RANET does not replace national or State responsibility in emergency preparedness and response, nor does it impinge upon the cooperation defined in any bilateral or multilateral agreements between States.

From initial request to IAEA assistance

Once the IAEA receives an official request for assistance from a State, it becomes the focal point for facilitation and coordination of international assistance. The Agency’s Incident and Emergency Centre assesses the request and provides initial advice to the requesting State.

After this, the IAEA may promptly deploy a fact-finding mission to collect and assess information on the ground and to perform an initial evaluation of the situation. This mission would also provide immediate advice as needed and recommend whether further assistance missions, including those involving RANET teams, are necessary.

If it is decided that the IAEA will deploy such an assistance mission, its response will be tailored to the specific situation at hand. This may include the deployment of RANET assets and advice or assistance provided to the requesting State from an external base located in another RANET Member State.

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