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Joint facilities and experiments

The OA-ICC promotes international collaboration and joint experiments by providing access to research platforms, large-scale facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories.

In addition to courses on ocean acidification, and as a critical next step for scientists having received ocean acidification training, the OA-ICC operates in close collaboration with the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme and its ocean acidification projects. These promote joint ocean acidification experiments and place scientific fellows in host laboratories to learn specific techniques or take part in international research activities.

Mesocosms in Peru

As an example of such activities, three fellows from Brazil, Chile and Ecuador participated in an international experiment coordinated by Germany and Peru. The project studied the impact of ocean acidification and oxygen loss on ecosystems off the Peruvian coast. Using mesocosms, types of “giant test tubes”, researchers could test how organisms responded under different oxygen and acidity scenarios.

If you are interested in participating or acting as a host for a technique or a joint experiment, please send and email.

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