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Capacity building

Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC)

The OA-ICC aims to help improve the global understanding of ocean acidification and build capacity to address it. The Centre enables students and scientists entering the field, in particular from developing countries, to get access to training to be able to set up relevant experiments, avoid typical pitfalls and ensure comparability with other studies. It also provides financial support to researchers to present their findings and network with peers at international meetings.

Training courses

Ocean acidification is a complex and multidisciplinary field and its potentially far-reaching effects warrant comprehensive training to address it. The OA-ICC, together with many international partners, organises training courses on ocean acidification, tailored to participants’ needs and using the latest methodology, best practices and available resources. Through these, scientists with backgrounds in biological, geological, and chemical oceanography are able to get a more holistic vision of the field. Courses include theoretical aspects, as well as practical, hands-on components relating to sampling, measurements, and experiment design. The importance of data archiving and sharing is also stressed. 

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