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Science and collaboration

It was not until about 15 years ago that scientists started to be concerned about the potential impacts caused by the absorption of CO2 by the oceans. Since initial ocean acidification studies began in the late 1990’s, the research field has grown exponentially in the last few years.

This rapid increase in studies and the emergence of national or multi-national projects came with a need for international coordination and collaboration to make the most of previous and future research. The OA-ICC organises and facilitates activities to help advance ocean acidification science.

For example, the OA-ICC supported the creation of a global ocean acidification observing network (GOA-ON), which aims to increase monitoring in areas where data is currently scarce, including the African coasts and the Indian Ocean. Other OA-ICC activities include the organization of expert workshops on topics such as the management and access to global ocean acidification data, the development of best practices and the standardization of methodology to increase intercomparability of results. The OA-ICC also provides online open access resources such as the OA-ICC news stream, bibliographic database and a compilation of ocean acidification experimental data.

Leading scientists act as focal points for the various activities, so the project benefits from input from several of the most prominent experts in ocean acidification research.

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