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Data access and management

Scientific advances are built on the foundation of previous research. With an increasing number of scientific papers published each year, there is a growing need to synthesize and compare data. The OA-ICC facilitates the discussion on common international data formats, coordinates existing efforts and promotes data access and sharing within the ocean acidification research community. The Centre also provides researchers with access to a comprehensive list of bibliographic references on ocean acidification.

The OA-ICC provides access to two online databases:

  1. A bibliographic database which currently includes more than 9,270 references with custom OA-ICC keywords and is shared using Zotero and pCloud (User instructions).
  2. data compilation which facilitates data comparison and meta-analyses so as to deliver a clear message on the impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms. To easily filter and access relevant biological response data from this compilation, a user-friendly portal was developed. The data compilation includes studies on the biological response to ocean acidification and is maintained in close cooperation with the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science at Xiamen University and the Germany-based data centre Pangaea. It currently includes over 1300 data sets from more than 1100 papers (User instructions).

The information from the databases can be used to identify current research gaps and helps focus OA-ICC activities to address those gaps.

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