Assistance for States

Cooperation with States

In the implementation of IAEA Safeguards, the IAEA and States cooperate closely together. Effective cooperation not only demonstrates a State’s commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, it is also essential for the efficient and effective implementation of IAEA Safeguards.

The IAEA Department of Safeguards places great value on effective cooperation with States and devotes substantial resources to assist States in developing the relevant capabilities. This is done through training offerings, and the issuance of guidance documents and reference materials. The Department of Safeguards makes a continuous and conscious effort to strengthen this support in response to the needs of States.

Communications from State or regional authorities responsible for safeguards implementation (SRAs) are always welcome. Emails may be addressed to the relevant Country Officer or to [email protected].


Structure of the Department of Safeguards

The Department of Safeguards carries out the duties and responsibilities of the IAEA as the world’s nuclear inspectorate, performing an indispensable role in global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. The primary role of the Department of Safeguards is to administer and implement IAEA Safeguards.

The Department also contributes to nuclear arms control and disarmament, by responding to requests for verification and other technical assistance associated with related agreements and arrangements.

The Department of Safeguards comprises of three offices, three operational divisions and three supporting divisions. 

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