Nuclear power for a clean-energy future

Vol. 58-4

November 2017

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin covers some of the most relevant topics on nuclear power and its role in contributing to sustainable development. 

Clean energy for a sustainable future: the role of nuclear power

Going long term: US nuclear power plants could extend operating life to 80 years

Making the case for nuclear power: why stakeholder involvement matters

Solving the back end: Finland’s key to the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel

The UAE’s nuclear path: Q&A with Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi

How China has become the world’s fastest expanding nuclear power producer

Financing and managing nuclear energy risks: The UK model

Encouraging careers in nuclear: The UK’s strategy for a sustainable nuclear workforce

Next generation reactors: safe and economical tools for sustainable energy

The seven secrets to cheap nuclear energy

Innovation in nuclear is key for a sustainable energy future

Harmony — the future of electricity

Revamping food safety in Costa Rica with nuclear technology

Supporting nuclear non-proliferation: Ghana converts research reactor from HEU to LEU fuel

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