Radiation Technology: the industrial revolution behind the scenes

Vol. 58-1

March 2017

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin highlights some of the ways in which radiation science and technology are being put to effective use throughout the world. 

Radiation technology for a more prosperous and sustainable future

A look at radiation science and technology

Myanmar uses nuclear techniques to improve industrial processes

China’s first wastewater plant using radiation opens

Canada pursues better eco-friendly food packaging from irradiated nanofibres

Boosting quality while saving costs: Morocco beefs up its industry with radiation technology

Chile stays ahead in the race for scarce minerals with radiation technology

Culture meets nuclear in Brazil

Creating safer, cleaner materials through nuclear processing

Building momentum in radiation science through collaboration

Radiation technology for development: How the IAEA helps

IAEA Briefs: New series for policymakers

New method advances research on controlling mosquitoes using nuclear techniques

Armenia’s physics research legacy saved through pixels

Alternative technology could boost production of Mo-99

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