Atoms in Industry: Radiation Technology for Development

Vol. 56-3

September 2015

Atoms in industry: radiation technology supports development

Atoms in industry can make a difference: The IAEA Scientific Forum

Better health care: Ghana uses radiation technology to sterilize medical items

Jelly-like bandage helps heal wounds: Egypt develops hydrogels using irradiated polymers

Super crops created from irradiated natural polymers in Viet Nam

Electron beams help Poland’s coaldriven power industry clean up its air

Radiation technology helps China’s industries make water cleaner

Mapping it out: Tracer technology and the search for oil

Keeping ports accessible: Brazil is saving “millions” in dredging costs thanks to nuclear techniques

X-rays for industry: Non-destructive testing helps Malaysia’s competitiveness

Profitable mining with the help of radiation technology

‘Fragile old man’: Mexico and France save a 2000-year-old sculpture using nuclear techniques

When tiny things have a huge impact

Ionizing radiation as a tool for nanoscale engineering

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