Strengthening Nuclear Security Worldwide

Vol. 54-2

June 2013

The June 2013 edition of the IAEA Bulletin is published to coincide with the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts in July 2013. It provides an overview of the IAEA’s work in all areas of nuclear security. The Agency helps States minimize the risk of nuclear and radioactive material, and of nuclear facilities, of being subjected to malicious acts, including terrorist acts. It provides specialist training and equipment, such as radiation detectors, for police and border guards. A considerable amount of high enriched uranium has been placed in more secure storage. The IAEA has conducted dozens of International Physical Protection Advisory Service missions, which provide expert advice on securing nuclear and other radioactive materials. The IAEA’s Incident and Trafficking Database is an authoritative global source of information on thefts or other unauthorized activities involving nuclear and other radioactive material.

Strengthening Nuclear Security Worldwide

Nuclear Security and the Way Forward

Nuclear Security on the Frontline

Nuclear Security in Action at Malaysian Borders

Ghana's Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan

Nuclear Security in Action at Facilities in Ghana

You Can't Be Too Careful: The Challenges of Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry

Don't Drop Your Guard: Securing Nuclear Facilities

Masters in Nuclear Security

Securing Major Events

A Hard Month's Work in Manila: Securing Radioactive Sources

Keeping Sealed Radioactive Sources Safe and Secure

Know Your Risks: Cataloguing Sealed Sources and Devices

Tracking Traffickers: The IAEA Incident and Trafficking Database

No Money Down: Boost State Nuclear Forensic Capabilities with Less

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