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Register for June Conference on Nuclear Installation Safety


Topical issues in the safety of nuclear power plants will be the subject of a conference at the IAEA in June 2017. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

Interested participants can still register to attend the sixth IAEA International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety – Safety Demonstration of Advanced Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plants, to be held in Vienna, Austria, from 6 to 9 June 2017.

“This will be the first comprehensive and large-scale international discussion on new reactors since the Fukushima Daiichi accident,” said Masashi Hirano, Senior Coordinator for International Collaboration at the Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority and Chair of the conference’s Scientific Organising Committee. “This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new technical developments in design concepts, new experimental data and analytical studies that are relevant to the safety of new reactors.”

It is important to provide a platform for discussions on how to significantly enhance and demonstrate nuclear safety for existing plant designs as well as for reactors that are to be licensed and constructed in the near future, said Cornelia Spitzer, Head of the Safety Assessment Section at the IAEA. “The conference will provide an opportunity for international discussions on this vital topic.”

Safety assessment of advanced reactor designs, design safety principles, licensing of advanced reactor designs and safety reinforcement of existing installations are the main topics to be discussed at the conference, in which over 300 experts are expected to participate. The IAEA has accepted more than one hundred papers and posters, which will be presented, discussed and displayed at different sessions throughout the week of the conference.

The conference will have almost 30 sessions organised in three parallel tracks supplemented by two high-level plenaries, key note statements, workshops and roundtable discussions. The sessions are developed by the Scientific Organising Committee, which is comprised of 26 senior experts from around the world. Petteri Tiippana, Director General of Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, will be the president of the conference.

Among the participants who have already registered are industry professionals, scholars, senior regulators, technical experts and plant operators from over 50 Member States. They will exchange information and experience on the latest approaches, advances and challenges in the safety demonstration of nuclear power plants that are planned to be licensed and constructed in the near future, and will also address existing installations, such through discussions of the implications of the Vienna Declaration on nuclear safety for existing nuclear power plants.

The conference is expected to provide recommendations for future IAEA activities in the areas of nuclear installation safety and for strengthening international cooperation in particular. The conference is one of the series of international conferences on nuclear safety the IAEA has hosted since 1998.


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