Division of Nuclear Installation Safety

The Division establishes safety standards and helps apply these standards for nuclear installations during site evaluation, design, construction and operation. The Division provides a wide range of capacity-building services, peer reviews and advisory services to Member States.

  • IAEA

    Operational Safety Section

    The Operational Safety  Section’s mission is to support Member States in achieving a high level of  operational safety and excellence in the management of nuclear power plants and other facilities using  self-assessments and peer reviews based on IAEA Safety Standards. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Safety Assessment Section

    This Section works with international experts to develop new and revise existing safety standards, with the goal to assist the IAEA Member States in achieving and maintaining a high level of safety. To complement the IAEA Safety Standards, the Section also provides technical safety review services to Member States. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Regulatory Activities Section

    The Section supports the IAEA Member States in achieving effective, independent and sustainable governmental, regulatory and safety frameworks for nuclear installations, based on the IAEA Safety Standards and peer reviews. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Research Reactor Safety Section

    The Section develops and implements programmes and activities for the safety enhancement of research reactors and fuel cycle facilities. It provides for monitoring and enhancing research reactors subject to project and supply agreements and helps Member States fulfil their safety obligations. Read more →

  • IAEA

    External Events Safety Section

    This Section helps Member States assess external hazards and select and evaluate sites for nuclear installations. It covers a wide range of external events, including earthquakes, floods, high winds, fires, landslides and other geotechnical and meteorological aspects, as well as human-induced events. Read more →

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