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IAEA Course Offers Internationally Recognized Certification in Industrial Testing


An IAEA-supported training in digital industrial radiography and computed industrial tomography, hosted by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, provided experts from the region a chance to obtain certification in the use of these techniques. (Photo: IAEA)  

Thirteen experts from across Asia and the Pacific have received certification in the use of nuclear techniques in industrial testing following an IAEA course in Malaysia last month.

The IAEA-led training gave participants from eight countries in the region the opportunity to obtain certification in industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) in accordance with international standards.

The training in digital industrial radiography and computed industrial tomography was hosted by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.  

Non-destructive testing methods are used in industry to evaluate the integrity and properties of material or components without causing damage to the tested object. They are cost-effective tools for quality control, safety and reliability. Digital industrial radiography allows defects to be visualized and increases the potential for accurate evaluation. It reduces radiation dosage and exposure, lessening risk to the operator and diminishing disruption to other operations, thus improving productivity. It is becoming increasingly important in many countries and must be applied within a stringent safety framework.

“The training has given me the opportunity to be qualified and certified in Digital Industrial Radiography,” said course participant Mohd Noorul Ikhsan, a research officer at the Malaysian Nuclear Agency. “It will be the catalyst in the development of our own national certification scheme and provide the needed competent personnel for the industry.”

At the end of the training, participants had the opportunity to take both theoretical and practical examinations for certification by the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing. Thirteen candidates successfully passed the examinations.

The certification offered for the course was in accordance with ISO 9712, an internationally recognized standard, which specifies the requirements for qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial NDT and allows them to perform inspections for industrial needs.

Twenty-one participants from eight countries attended the Regional Training Course on Digital Industrial Radiography and Industrial Computed Tomography in Malaysia. (Photo: IAEA)


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