Industrial applications

Nuclear techniques are used to identify and assess the properties of different materials, measure pollution levels, sterilize and disinfect components, monitor and optimize industrial processes and change chemical, physical and biological properties to produce novel materials. Radiation can be used for analysing and processing a range of substances.

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    Industrial radiography

    Industrial radiography is a method of inspecting materials for seeing hidden flaws by using the ability of short X-rays, gamma rays and neutrons to penetrate various materials. It is a major element of non-destructive testing. Read more →

  • Other non destrucive testing

    Other non-destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing methods are used in industry to evaluate the integrity and properties of material or components without causing damage to the tested object. Aside from industrial radiography, four of the most common methods are: ultrasonic radiography; and liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and eddy current inspections. Read more →

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    Nucleonic gauging

    Nucleonic gauges are measuring and analysis instruments  exploiting the interaction between ionising radiation and matter. Industry around the world uses this technology to control and improve product quality by optimising processes and saving energy and materials. Read more →

  • Medical Sterilization

    Medical sterilization

    Radiation kills germs that can cause disease  and neutralizes other harmful organisms. Sterilization with ionizing radiation inactivates microorganisms very efficiently and, when used for product wrapping, ensures that healthcare products are safe and can be relied upon. Read more →

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    Material modification

    Radiation technology can be used to modify various materials. This brings about certain changes in their properties, many of which can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Read more →

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    Tracers are substances with atomic or nuclear, physical, chemical or biological properties that can help identify, observe or follow the behaviour of various physical, chemical or biological processes. Radioactive tracers are widely used to diagnose industrial reactors, for instance by measuring the flow rate of liquids, gases and solids. Read more →

  • Environmental remediation for industry

    Environmental remediation for industry

    Radiation technologies have a successful history of innovating new products and processes that are environmentally friendly. The IAEA helps develop, demonstrate and deploy appropriate technologies to address evolving environmental challenges. Read more →


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