Asia and the Pacific

The IAEA provides technical cooperation support to 37 countries and territories in Asia and the Pacific.

The support is provided through national, regional and interregional projects that address such thematic priorities as radiation safety; health and nutrition; food and agriculture; energy; nuclear knowledge development and management; water and the environment; industrial applications; and radiation technology.

The Agency’s regional technical cooperation programme in the Asia and the Pacific region aims to address strategic regional priorities consistent with Member States’ national development plans. It has the goal to foster strong regional cooperation, strengthen the capacities of Member States and help them exchange knowledge, expertise,  products and services.

Regional projects under the programme are either developed in line with two agreements between the IAEA and the agreement’s States Parties, or outside of them, through direct consultations with Member States. These agreements are:

In addition, a Regional Programme Framework  for Asia and the Pacific has been in place since 2015. The Framework complements RCA’s and ARASIA’s regional planning and builds synergies between programmes at the regional and national levels, thereby contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Develpment Goals.

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