Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

The Section aims to strengthen the capacities of Member States in producing radioisotope products for the management of cancer and other chronic diseases and to develop and implement radiation technology for health care and cleaner industrial processes and practices.

One of the IAEA’s key goals is to promote the worldwide availability of products and facilities needed to produce radioisotopes and develop and apply radiation technology. A specific focus is to help Member States achieve self-sufficiency in the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, strengthening their quality assurance practices and regulatory compliance, and developing their human resources.

Supporting radioisotope production for cancer and chronic disease management

The Section supports Member States with capacity-building in the field of radioisotope production and use of generators for medical purposes. It also helps them apply new and emerging products for medical applications. In the area of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, the Section helps States improve their quality assurance systems and compliance with good manufacturing practices. It particularly assists Member States in the developing world with the development and application of locally produced radiopharmaceuticals to address their specific clinical needs in the field of cancer treatment.

Using radiation technology for better health care products and cleaner industry

The Section helps Member States strengthen their capacities in adopting radiation-based techniques that support cleaner and safer industrial processes and for the compositional analysis of materials and objects. It also supports them in applying radiation technology for advanced materials development, nanoscience and the processing of natural polymers into such products, as well as for the management of industrial and agricultural waste and effluents and the decontamination of biological agents.

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