Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences

The Division assists Member States with capacity-building, research and development in the nuclear sciences and supports them in using nuclear methods for a variety of practical industrial applications. It supports needs-based development efforts through coordinated research projects and provides assistance on scientific and technical aspects of IAEA technical cooperation projects.  

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    Physics Section

    Key work areas of this Section include, among others, the utilization of particle accelerators, applications of research reactors, nuclear instrumentation and research related to nuclear fusion reactor technology. The Section's activities are part of the IAEA’s nuclear power, fuel cycle and nuclear science programme. Read more →

  • Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

    The Section aims to strengthen the capacities of Member States in producing radioisotope products for the management of cancer and other chronic diseases and to develop and implement radiation technology for health care and cleaner industrial processes and practices. Read more →

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    Nuclear Data Section

    Reliable nuclear data are essential ingredients for the design and operation of nuclear power plants and other nuclear technology applications. The Nuclear Data Section provides fundamental nuclear data for energy and non-energy applications, as well as data for atomic, molecular and plasma-material interaction processes for fusion and other plasma applications. Read more →

  • Isotope Hydrology Section

    This Section implements all activities of the IAEA's Water Resources Programme, which promotes and transfers know-how on the use of isotope hydrology as an effective tool for water resources assessment and sustainable water management. It also provides assistance and training on analytical services via its Isotope Hydrology Laboratory. Read more →


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