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Gallium-68 Cyclotron Production

English IAEA-TECDOC-1863 978-92-0-100819-0
66 18 18.00 2019

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This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the technologies involved in the direct production of gallium-68. It serves as a specific guide for the production and quality control of metal radioisotope gallium-68 in chloride form for radiopharmaceutical production. Emphasis is given on the advances developed over the last few years. The publication, which also describes the legal matters related to the use of the targetry methods, will appeal to scientists and technologists intending to put cyclotron based radioisotope production into practice, as well as post graduate students in the field.

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Radiopharmaceuticals, Cyclotrons, Radioisotopes, Medical Diagnoses, Gallium-68, Isotopes, Technologies, Cyclotron Production, Quality Control Specifications, Quality Assurance, Metal Radioisotope, Chloride, Legal Matters, Scientists, Technologists, Generators, Tracers, Solid Target Production, PET, Positron Emission Tomography, EP, Electro Plated, Member States, Liquid, Fused, Solid, Generic Chemical Purification, Transfer System, Operation Procedures, In-Target Production, CRP, Coordinated Research Projects, Irradiation, Separation Chemistry, Target Material, Impurities, Peptide, Methods, Applications, Experiences, Targetry

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