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Call for Papers: Abstracts for Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes Due 31 January 2018


Interested participants have until 31 January 2018 to submit an abstract for a paper presentation at the Third International Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes: Meeting Challenges to Ensure the Future Nuclear Workforce Capability, to be held in Gyeongju, South Korea, from 28 to 31 May 2018.

The availability of skilled staff is a cornerstone of the sustainability of the nuclear energy sector – both in countries already operating nuclear facilities, as well as those introducing nuclear power. Operators of many nuclear power plants, research reactors and radioactive waste management and fuel cycle facilities are seeking operational lifetime extensions, while others are nearing decommissioning. Many of the human resource development needs are common across the industry.

The conference is directed at a broad range of experts in the areas of capacity building, human resource development, workforce planning, education and training, knowledge management and knowledge networks for nuclear power programmes. It will review the global situation in human resource development.

“Amongst other objectives, we intend to provide participants with practical solutions they can use at organizational, national and international levels to develop and maintain the workforce needed to support safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power programmes,” said Dohee Hahn, Director of the IAEA Division of Nuclear Power.

The conference sessions will cover four topics: attracting, recruiting and retaining a high quality nuclear workforce; developing individuals and teams within organizations; education, training and qualification of a nuclear workforce; and organizational culture and its impact on the workforce.

“Building competence in nuclear safety and security is of paramount importance,” said Gustavo Caruso, Director of the IAEA Office of Safety and Security Coordination. “Leadership for safety is key to ensuring sufficient and competent staff in nuclear and radiological safety for facilities and activities. These issues will be addressed at the Conference.”

The second IAEA International Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes took place in 2014 in Vienna, while the first such conference was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2010.

International student competition

In order to foster the younger generation’s interest in nuclear science and technology, the IAEA is holding an international student competition in conjunction with the 2018 conference. Targeted at students aged 14-18 and currently enrolled in secondary school, it is intended to promote discussion and raise awareness on the current and future impact of nuclear science and technology. Students who design and implement the most innovative projects will be invited to travel to the conference to present their projects.

Further information about the conference and the student competition is available at the conference website.

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