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International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future - Programme

1–5 November 2021, Vienna, Austria

Conference on Radioactive Waste Management 2021

PROGRAMME: 4 November 2021

08:30-12:00     MORNING SESSION: SESSION 6

Opening Session Chair: Mr Wolfgang Neckel, Austria

Keynote Speech: Mr James McKinney, United Kingdom

- What is Integrated Waste Management and why we should use it? A view from the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Ms Tatiana Rakitskaya, Russian Federation

- Integrated Waste Management in the Russian Federation

Mr Safdar Ali, Pakistan

- Development of National Integrated Radioactive Waste Management Infrastructure in Pakistan

Mr Zoran Drace, Serbia

- Prospects of Integrated Waste Management Planning

09:55-10:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Mr Fred Dermarkar, Canada

- Integration of Waste Management – Going beyond Technical Aspects

Ms Virginie Wasselin, France

- The Solutions Stategy: The Need for a Global, Consistent, and Proportionate Approach to Radioactive Waste Management

Mr Hidekazu Asano, Japan

- Study on Aadvanced Nuclear Energy System based on the Environmental Impact of Radioactive Waste Disposal

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Mr Haoxiang Fei, Australia

- Site Characterisation Inputs to Safety Case Development for Australia’s National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Panel Discussion and Closing:  Speakers and Session Chair

12:15-13:15     Side Event: Beishan Underground Research Laboratory in China


Opening Session Chair: Mr Ewoud Verhoef, Netherlands

Keynote Speech: Mr Martin Krause, IAEA

Ms Louise Théodon, EURAD

- EURAD: A Step Change in European Joint Collaboration towards Safe Radioactive Waste Management

Mr Simon Morgan, WENRA

- WENRA’s Safety Reference Levels contribute to continuous Improvements and Harmonisation of Regulatory Approaches for Radioactive Waste Management in many European Countries

Mr Khammar Mrabit, Morocco

- The Obligation of Multinational Cooperation to promote and advance the Safety of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management

14:55-15:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Mr Michel Pieraccini, WNA

- Material and Waste Management Strategies Considerations for Decommissioning

Ms Rebecca Tadesse, OECD/NEA

- The Nuclear Energy Agency Activities in the area of Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning Nuclear Installation and Legacy Management

Mr Oleksii Miasnykov, Ukraine

- International Cooperation within Radwaste Management Projects at Chornobyl NPP

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Ms Celia Wighton, United Kingdom

- Adoption and Implementation of an Integrated Waste Management Strategy to Support and Deliver the next Generation of Young Professionals in the Remediation of the UK’s Nuclear Legacy

Panel Discussion and Closing: Speakers and Session Chair

17:15-18:45     Side Event: Collaborative Research and Innovation in RWM in the Euratom Community

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