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International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future - Programme

1–5 November 2021, Vienna, Austria

Conference on Radioactive Waste Management 2021

PROGRAMME: 3 November 2021

08:30-12:00     MORNING SESSION: SESSION 4

Opening Session Chair: Ms Christina van Drunen, Canada

Keynote Speech: Ms Sylvie Voinis, France

- Role of the Safety Case Development in Supporting Radioactive Waste Management- French Illustration HLW and ILW management- The Cigéo Disposal

Ms Stela Dalva Santos Cota, Brazil

- Development of a Safety Assessment for the Brazilian near-surface Repository in the Site Selection Phase

Ms Inmaculada Lopez, Spain

- The Safety Study in Support of the Development and Improvement of Waste Management at El Cabril Disposal Facility

Mr Sergey Utkin, Russian Federation

R&D Program for the Development of a Deep RW Disposal Facility in the Russian Federation: Basic Principles of Development, Structure and Specific Features of its Implementation

09:55-10:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Ms Amy Huntington, United Kingdom

- The Benefits of a Targeted R&D Programme to address Key Questions

Ms Gyeonghyeon Gwak, Republic of Korea

- Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for Underground Radioactive Waste Repository in Republic of Korea

Ms Peipei Zhang, China

- Current Status and Challenges of China's Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste (LILW) Disposal

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Mr Matthew Herod, Canada

- Canadian Regulatory Review of Waste Acceptance Criteria for a Low-Level Near Surface Disposal Facility

Panel Discussion and Closing: Speakers and Session Chair

12:15-13:15     Side Event: Building stakeholder Confidence for Sustainable Radioactive Waste Management


Opening Session Chair: Mr Safdar Ali, Pakistan

Keynote Speech: Mr Ewoud Verhoef, Netherlands

Mr Awoke Tiruneh, Ethiopia

- Attitudinal Social Impacts on Radioactive Waste Management Programs and Practices: A Case Review of the Ethiopian Radioactive Waste Management and Processing Facility Activities

Mr Clemens Bolli, Switzerland

- Socio-economic Effects of Deep Geological Repositories: Opportunities or Threats? The Swiss Case

Mr Jörg Ottmann, Germany

- Fostering Stakeholder Engagement: Self-organization as a New Approach to Public Participation in the Context of the German Site Selection Procedure

14:55-15:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Ms Marcelle Phaneuf, Canada

Mr Adam Levine, Canada

- Tools and Methodologies for Engagement with the Public and Affected Communities for Regulation of Radioactive Waste Management Projects

Ms Carmen Mendez Cruz, USA

- Sociotechnical Systems Design for Consent-Based Siting of Nuclear Waste Facilities

Mr Shunsuke Kondo, Japan

- Strategies and Practices to Enhance Public Awareness for Implementing Radioactive Waste Management Programmes in Japan

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Mr Rafael Soares Souza Pimenta de Almeida, Brazil

- Site Selection Methodology for the Brazilian Repository for Low and Intermediate-level Radioactive Waste through Geospatial Analysis

Panel Discussion and Closing: Speakers and Session Chair

17:15-18:45     Side Event: Final Disposal of Spent nuclear Fuel in Finland

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