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International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future - Programme

1–5 November 2021, Vienna, Austria

Conference on Radioactive Waste Management 2021

PROGRAMME: 1 November 2021

10:00-11:45     OPENING SESSION

Opening Remarks by the IAEA

Opening Speeches by the Conference Chair Ms Karen Wheeler and Co-Chair Mr Muhammad Naeem

Roundtable Discussion of Cooperating Partners (NEA-OECD, WNA, EC)

Opening Address by the Host Country

12:00-13:00     Side Event: Pakistan - IAEA Cooperation in Safe Management of Radioactive Waste


Opening Session Chair: Mr Sergey Utkin, Russian Federation

Keynote Speech: Ms Laurie Swami, Canada

- Toward a new global standard: Canada’s outlook for the future of radioactive waste management

Mr Arturo Bevilacqua, Argentina

- Spent fuel, Disused Sources and Radioactive Waste Management Strategy in Argentina

Ms Vaidote Jakimaviciute-Maseliene, Lithuania

- Implementation of Deep Geological Repository Programme in Lithuania

Mr Jonathan Shatwell, Australia

- Plans and progress in establishing the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

14:55-15:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Ms Kubra Sengul, Turkey

- Radioactive Waste Management in Turkey

Ms Corhyn Parr, United Kingdom

- An Integrated Approach to Waste Management

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Mr Havard Kristiansen, Norway

- Development of a Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Management Program in a Small-Inventory State

Panel Discussion and Closing – Speakers and Session Chair

17:00-18:00     Side Event: Innovation in Radioactive Waste Management for a Sustainable Future

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