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International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future - Programme

1–5 November 2021, Vienna, Austria

Conference on Radioactive Waste Management 2021

PROGRAMME: 2 November 2021

08:30-12:00     MORNING SESSION: SESSION 2

Opening Session Chair: Ms Cherry Tweed, United Kingdom

Keynote Speech: Ms Tiina Jalonen, Finland

- Posiva Preparing for Operating a Final Disposal Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Mr Sungsoo Cha, Republic of Korea

- Radioactive Waste Management Strategy in the Republic of Korea

Mr Thomas Lautsch, Germany

- Asse and Konrad – Germanys LAW/MAW Construction Projects at Full Steam

Mr Musharraf Hussain Rizvi, Pakistan

- Advances in Implementing Strategy for Management of Radioactive Waste in Pakistan

09:55-10:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Mr Sergey Deryabin, Russian Federation

- The National Strategy of the Russian Federation in the field of RW Management: Main Provisions and Progress in its Implementation

Mr Daniel Delort, France

- French Progress on Radioactive Waste Management Disposal Projects

Mr Alan Carolissen, South Africa

- Ensuring the Safe, Secure and Sustainable Disposal of Radioactive Waste: A South African Perspective

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Mr Alexey Kuznetsov, Russian Federation

- Complete recycling of boric acid from the primary circuit coolant obtaining commercial borate products

Panel Discussion and Closing:  Speakers and Session Chair

12:15-13:15     Side Event: Safeguards: the often-overlooked requirement in waste management


Opening Session Chair: Ms Maria Lindberg, Sweden

Keynote Speech: Mr Nicholas Butler, USA

- Increased Safety Measures for Removal of Self-Shielded Irradiators Containing Category 1 and 2 Sealed Radioactive Sources

Ms Federica Pancotti, Italy

- Application of Direct Cementation System for Small Volume of Alpha Contaminated Aqueous Waste (Cementation SaG IPU)

Mr Ali Malekifarsani, Iran

- Radioactive Waste Management Issues and Challenges in Iran

Mr Arne Larsson, Sweden

- Melting of Contaminated Metals for Clearance and Recycling - 30 + Years of Practical Experience

14:55-15:25     Coffee Break and e-Posters

Mr Keyurkumar Pancholi, India

- Technological Advancement in Effective Management of Low Level Radioactive Solid Wastes

Mr Noriyuki Saito, Japan

- Current Status of Solid Waste Management on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Ms Milena Prazska, Slovakia

- Application of Geopolymers in Management of Problematic Radioactive Waste

Young Professional Showcase Lead: Ms Hamdane Hasna, Morocco

- Solidification of Radioactive Resins with Geopolymer Package: A Circular Economy Concept of Handling Nuclear Waste with Mine Tailings

Panel Discussion and Closing: Speakers and Session Chair

17:15-18:45     Side Event: Member State Updates and Progress in the Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS) and the Global Path Forward

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