Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section

The Section focuses on fostering the use of nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging procedures in Member States for both diagnosis and therapy. This includes, for example, the application of SPECT/CT and PET/CT technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

It is now recognized that modern nuclear medicine is an essential complement to other imaging techniques and therefore important for oncology, endocrinology and cardiology. The long-term objective of the Section’s work is therefore to strengthen the capacities of Member States’ to address health needs using nuclear medicine techniques.

To this end, the Section runs a number of Coordinated Research Projects, benefitting not only Member States but also participating scientists and institutions, as well as the international scientific community. Whenever such research is carried out under the IAEA Human Health Programme, project results often are also quickly of direct benefit to groups outside the scientific community, for example to patients.

In addition, the Section regularly organizes expert meetings and prepares publications and manuals, as well as educational material and databases, on nuclear medicine technology and applications. It is also involved in technical missions to Member States and manages projects related to quality improvement in the clinical practice of nuclear medicine.

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