IAEA General Conference

64th IAEA General Conference

21 – 25 September 2020, Vienna International Centre, Vienna

Reports to the Conference

Provisional agendaPDF iconGC(64)/1
Provisional Agenda - Supplementary item for inclusion in the provisional agendaPDF iconGC(64)/1/Add.1
The Agency’s Budget Update for 2021PDF iconGC(64)/2
IAEA Annual Report 2019PDF iconGC(64)/3
IAEA Annual Report 2019 - Additional Annex InformationPDF iconGC(64)/3/Annex
The Agency's Financial Statements for 2019PDF iconGC(64)/4
Strengthening the Agency's Activities related to Nuclear Science, Technology and ApplicationsPDF iconGC(64)/5
Nuclear Security Report 2020PDF iconGC(64)/6
Nuclear and Radiation SafetyPDF iconGC(64)/7
Scale of Assessment of Member States' Contributions towards the Regular Budget for 2021PDF iconGC(64)/8
Election of Members to the Board of GovernorsPDF iconGC(64)/9
Amendment to Article XIV.A of the StatutePDF iconGC(64)/10
Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle EastPDF iconGC(64)/11
Arrangements for the ConferencePDF iconGC(64)/12
Communication received from the Resident Representative of Israel regarding the request to include in the agenda of the Conference an item entitled "Israeli Nuclear Capabilities"PDF iconGC(64)/14
Inscription in the List of Speakers in the General DebatePDF iconGC(64)/INF/1
Nuclear Safety Review 2020PDF iconGC(64)/INF/3
Technical Cooperation Report for 2019PDF iconGC(64)/INF/9
Technical Cooperation Report for 2019 - SupplementPDF iconGC(64)/INF/9/Supplement


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