Integrated management systems for safety and security

A sustainable and successful management system ensures that nuclear safety and security matters are not dealt with in isolation. It integrates safety, health, security, quality, economic and environmental issues, as defined in the IAEA Safety Standards and Security Guides.

Organizations often develop management systems in silos and this can often lead to conflicting requirements, priorities and practises.  An integrated management system aims to avoid this by combining all systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives. This improves efficiency and regulatory compliance, ensuring that safety and security issues are given high priority in decision-making.

The IAEA conducts numerous activities to support Member States in establishing, implementing and improving their management systems to assure the safe, secure, reliable and economic operations of nuclear facilities. This includes safe handling of radioactive sources and technical services in radiation safety. IAEA assistance includes workshops, training sessions, e-learning and expert missions. Special attention is paid to supporting countries embarking on a new nuclear power programme or expanding an existing one.

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