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Leadership and Management for Safety

STI/PUB/1750 (978-92-0-104516-4)
26 pages ¦ 2 figures ¦ EUR 30.00


This Safety Requirements publication establishes requirements that support Principle 3 of the Fundamental Safety Principles in relation to establishing sustaining and continuously improving leadership and management for safety and an integrated management system. It emphasizes that leadership for safety management for safety an effective management system and a systemic approach (i.e. an approach in which interactions between technical human and organizational factors are duly considered) are all essential to the specification and application of adequate safety measures and to the fostering of a strong safety culture. Leadership and an effective management system will integrate safety health environmental security quality human and organizational factors societal and economic elements. The management system will ensure the fostering of a strong safety culture regular assessment of performance and the application of lessons from experience. The publication is intended for use by regulatory bodies operating organizations and other organizations concerned with facilities and activities that give rise to radiation risks.


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