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A Systems View of Nuclear Security and Nuclear Safety: Identifying Interfaces and Building Synergies


English STI/PUB/2037 ¦ 978-92-0-144422-6

38 pages ¦ € 20.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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Jointly developed by the lAEA Advisory Group on Nuclear Security (AdSec) and the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG), this publication examines the commonalities and differences of nuclear security and nuclear safety, with a view to stimulating new thinking on how the common elements of nuclear security and nuclear safety can be further recognized to enhance excellence in the management of nuclear activities. Although safety and security have a somewhat different focus, they may overlap with each other and have a common goal – protecting people and society. Actions taken to further one activity can have implications for the other. This publication, written for professionals working in the area, focuses on the interfaces between nuclear safety and security with the aim of ensuring that safety and security actions are integrated with each other as appropriate and serve to reinforce each other. It seeks to establish a framework for a more holistic capability to further both safety and security.

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System View, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Safety, Identifying Interfaces, Building Synergies, lAEA Advisory Group on Nuclear Security, AdSec, International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group, INSAG, Nuclear Facilities, Safety Measures, Security Measures, Management, Protecting People, Society, Framework, International Legal Background, Allocation of Responsibilities, National Responsibilities, Personal , Safety Culture, Security Culture, Vital Areas, Optimization, Human Risk Factor, Communication, Computer Security, Emergency Preparedness, International Cooperation, Nuclear Activities, Safety and Security Actions, Recommendations, Life Cycle, Siting, Design, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Shutdown, Maintenance, Decommissioning, Radioactive Material, Holistic Capability

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