Nuclear Infrastructure Development

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    2017-01-01 | The IAEA has been developing a new website with a topical approach to activities, services, resources, news and events, and organizational information. It is work in progress to be finalized as soon as possible.
    Except for the 2017 Meeting Calendar, the information on the webpages of the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section, available here, is no longer updated.

    Please visit our new web page: Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section

    Topical information on activities undertaken by the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section of the Division of Nuclear Power is available here. Read More »

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2016-02-15 Infrastructure, NENP
2014-02-12 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Newcomers

    2014-02-12 | Today, 30 countries use nuclear power and about the same number are considering to use it to meet their growing energy demands. Almost three years after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, two countries are already constructing their first nuclear power plants, and several are preparing for construction start. IAEA Nuclear Engineer Marta Ferrari explains how the IAEA supports these countries. View Video →

2014-02-11 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Powering the Future

    2014-02-11 | At today's growth rate the United Arab Emirates expects demand for electricity to double by 2020. To meet these demands, the government concluded that nuclear power was the best way forward. View Video →

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