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Energy planning case studies

Energy planning is most successful when carried out by local experts representing essential stakeholders. Section develops and publishes a number of country case studies in different thematic areas to share best practices and effective mechanisms for sustainable development concepts. 

Sustainable energy development and renewable energy

IAEA led international project to develop an approach suitable for the comprehensive assessment of national energy system within a sustainable development context. The completion of countries profiles focusing on sustainable energy development is the result of an intensive efforts conducted by a number of countries. 

•    Brazil
•    Sichuan, China
•    Cuba
•    South Africa

Comprehensive assessments of nuclear supply options

In accordance with its mandate, the IAEA has developed a systematic approach along with a set of computer-based models for elaborating national energy strategies covering the analysis of all of the above aspects. Under its Technical Cooperation Programme, the IAEA provides assistance to its Member States to enhance national capabilities for elaborating sustainable energy development strategies and assessing the role of nuclear power and other energy options, by transferring the analytical tools along with training and providing expertise.

•    Mexico
•    Lithuania
•    Republic of Korea

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