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Assistance in energy planning

The IAEA offers a wide range of training programmes, technical assistance and information exchange to help Member States build capacity in energy systems analysis and planning to meet the expanding and shifting energy needs. 


Through training, technical assistance and information exchange, the IAEA's Planning and Economic Studies Section (PESS) helps Member States build capacity in energy systems analysis and planning for identifying the role of different technologies, including nuclear, in meeting their future energy needs. Responding to increasing demand from the Member States for training, PESS has initiated "Technology Supported Distance Learning". This platform uses multimedia E-learning packages and web-based technologies to provide E-Training on IAEA's analytical tools. The eTraining through web-supported distance learning, introduced in 2008, has now become a regular feature of PESS’s capacity building activities. A new support mechanism, PESS Cloud Service has recently been introduced to (i) find reliable information, (ii) receive modelling support and (iii) contact experts for guidance. 

Workshops and training

The IAEA provides comprehensive training to enhance the analytical skills of energy professionals in Member States working in the area of energy, electricity and nuclear energy planning. It conducts a wide range of technical meetings, training courses and workshops to develop skills for integrated energy planning and to provide technical guidance for conducting national energy studies.

Expert missions

The IAEA conducts expert missions as part of the capacity building activities, under national and regional Technical Cooperation Projects, mainly for reviewing modelling and analyses for energy planning in Member States. Each review mission is conducted to meet the specific needs of the requesting country. 

Information resources 

Each year the IAEA publishes its projections of the world’s nuclear power generating capacity. The annual publication, Reference Data Series No. 1, Energy, Electricity and Nuclear Power Estimates for the Period Up to 2050, incorporates updated data on all national plans for nuclear expansions, extensions or retirements. 

Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs)  

The IAEA supports research activities by Member States to collaborate on common issues of interest through Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs). Several CRPs have been focusing on various issues such as analysis of economic, financial and environmental aspects of energy systems. 

Technical Cooperation (TC) Projects 

Through IAEA's Technical Cooperation Programme, Member States receive technical suport for capacity building in energy systems analysis and planning. The support is provided through national, regional and interregional TC projects that help identify the role of appropriate technologies, including nuclear, for meeting the future energy and water needs and for mitigating climate change.

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