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PESS cloud service

Based on the feedback received from Member States, the Section continuously enhances its technical support and analytical tools. The e-Training through web-supported distance learning was introduced in 2008 and has now become a regular feature of PESS’s capacity building activities. 
A new support mechanism – PESS Cloud Service, currently consists of three service components:  

  • Information resources – to facilitate finding reliable modelling information; 
  • Support for energy system modelling - to enhance modelling capacity; 
  • Tele-support expert system – to engage with IAEA energy modelling experts.

Information resources


Provides a collection of information sources (links to web-sites) containing useful information on energy technologies, energy resources, analytical tools, scenarios and energy statistics. Only reliable and peer-reviewed sources are kept in the collection. The main purpose is to facilitate energy analysts and planners in identifying reliable sources of information for their energy studies. The collection is periodically reviewed and updated by a group of energy experts.

Support for energy system modelling

Helps energy analysts and planners build and run large sized energy system models. At present, the service is available for MESSAGE and SIMPACTS models. For MESSAGE, the user can submit a modelling job to PESS and receive the solved case for review and further analysis. For SIMPACTS, the user can have direct access to the SIMPACTS tools and run his/her cases on the PESS Cloud. The modelling support is currently being extended to other PESS modelling tools.

Tele-Support Expert System (TSES)

Provides technical help to the users of IAEA's energy planning analytical tools MAED, WASP, MESSAGE, FINPLAN and SIMPACTS. These models are now being used in over 135 countries. In many cases, the users may have questions about (or problems in) the use of these analytical tools. Such questions can be posted through TSES to the IAEA experts, who will help resolve the problems.

Each of these services is available free-of-cost to energy planners and researchers in the IAEA Member States.

Contact information

For further information on obtaining IAEA Energy Modelling Tools, please contact PESS Office.

Planning and Capacity Building Unit
Planning and Economic Studies Section
Department of Nuclear Energy
Tel: +43 1 2600 22780
Fax: +43 1 26007 22778
Email: PESS.Contact-Point@iaea.org

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