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Preparedness and Response for an Emergency at a Research Reactor

This training course assists Member States in preparations for an effective response to a research reactor emergency in line with the Generic Procedures for Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency at Research Reactors (EPR-RESEARCH REACTOR, 2011).

The course targets local and facility emergency planners, emergency response coordinators and emergency managers.

The five-day programme focuses on action guides for the facility emergency response team, instructions, practical procedures and tools that can be adapted by a Member State to build a basic capability to respond to a research reactor emergency.

Topics covered include:

  • developing procedures for on-site and off-site protective actions;
  • establishing response teams, including structuring roles and responsibilities;
  • organising emergency response actions at a reactor site; and
  • reviewing the threat category of a research reactor site.

Member States desiring training in this area should send an official request to the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre.

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