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Communication with the Public in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

This training course strengthens Member States’ capacity to communicate effectively with the public in a nuclear or radiological emergency. The course, based on Communication with the Public in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (EPR-Public Communications, 2012) highlights  communication principles and tools that  assist public information officers in preparing for communication that  helps  mitigate  the emergency’s effects.

This course targets those responsible for communicating with the public and the media, as well as those in charge of coordinating official information in a nuclear or radiological emergency, including   public information officers and emergency preparedness and response experts at local and national levels. 

The five-day programme covers topics including the preparation of a public communication programme with a strategy that is tailored to relevant scenarios and key audiences. The programme also includes modules on risk perception, media relations and spokesperson selection. The course uses lessons learned from past emergencies, simulated scenarios and exercises. It also highlights best practices.

Member States desiring training in this area should send an official request to the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre.


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