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First Response to a Radiological Emergency

This training course strengthens first responders’ capacity to deal with all types of radiological emergencies, including those resulting from nuclear security events.

The course targets first responders to a radiological emergency, such as: law enforcement teams; fire brigades; emergency medical services; public information officers; resource coordinators; first responder monitors; forensic evidence management teams; national officials; and emergency services personnel and managers.

The four-day programme offers training on the concepts and operational response steps recommended for first responders. The course is based on a task-based manual and provides guidance on first response organisation functions, for example: assessment of radiological hazard and establishment of an inner cordoned area; exposure pathways and protective actions; field triage for mass casualties events; monitoring and decontamination of the public, responders, vehicles and equipment.

Member States desiring training in this area should send an official request to the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre.

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