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Evaluating Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

This training course assists states in managing exercises to test preparedness for nuclear or radiological emergencies. The course, based on the Preparation, Conduct and Evaluation of Exercises to Test Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (EPR-EXERCISE, 2005), presents concepts, terminology and introduces a process for the preparation, conduct and evaluation of an exercise.

The five-day course targets emergency preparedness coordinators who have a key role in the organization of exercises. These include: technical and scientific support personnel who lead the development of exercise scenarios and simulated radiological data; emergency planners, and training specialists.

The course covers the general concepts of exercises; the preparation process and exercise manual; exercise objectives; scenario, injects and data; radiological data for exercises, and exercise evaluation.

Member States desiring training in this area should send an official request to the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre.


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