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Date range: 1958 – to date

Extent and media: More than 11,000 publications (due to ongoing accrual, the total is constantly changing) in hard-copy paper format, as well as a few electronic publications on CD-ROM

Publications are defined as IAEA-copyrighted hard copies or electronic products issued for general, unrestricted distribution bearing the Agency’s emblem. They can be categorized as scientific and technical publications deriving from the Agency’s substantive programmes, or advocacy publications deriving from the IAEA public information programme or produced originally for its Policy-Making Organs. Publications, and they originate from almost all departments.

The publications under the custody of IAEA Archives are preservation copies of official Agency publications. However, the collection is not a one-to-one duplication of what is held by the IAEA Library, where certain types of official records (for example, reports of meetings, committees or working groups) are not available. The IAEA Library, especially in the case of early Agency publications, also has gaps. In such cases, the reference copy held in the IAEA Archives is the last remaining copy.

The publications collection is comprised of volumes of the large series of scientific and technical publications, such as STI/PUB, STI/DOC (incl. sub-series) and TECDOCs. It also includes non-published reports of various meetings and symposia, as well as internal papers. Most publications are only available in the English edition, with some exceptions.

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