IAEA Safeguards: Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons

Vol. 57-2

June 2016

This issue of the IAEA Bulletin provides a look behind the scenes, follows a safeguards inspector for a day in a nuclear power plant, shows examples of safeguards equipment and explains how swipe samples work. This edition aims to improve the understanding of IAEA's safeguards activities.

IAEA safeguards: a vital contribution to international peace and security

IAEA Safeguards: serving nuclear non-proliferation

A day in the life of a safeguards inspector

What’s in an inspector’s luggage?

A review of safeguards equipment

Surveying safeguarded material

Revealing facts through science for nuclear verification

Swipe check: collecting and analysing environmental samples

Completing the picture: using satellite imagery to enhance IAEA safeguards capabilities

Optimizing IAEA Safeguards

Iran and the IAEA: verification and monitoring under the JCPOA

How the IAEA contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals

Nuclear-derived techniques improve cattle productivity and milk quality in Cameroon

Towards optimal cancer treatment: the IAEA’s new smartphone app for cancer staging

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