Climate Change: Making a difference through nuclear technologies

Vol. 56-2

June 2015

Nuclear science can play a significant role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Combating climate change: how nuclear science and technology are making a difference

Nuclear power forms an important pillar of many countries’ climate change mitigation strategies

Trained to adapt: researchers from Pakistan, Mauritius and Afghanistan breed mutant plants to take on a changing climate

Greening Kenya’s drylands through climate-smart agriculture

Climate change adaptation: boosting quinoa production using nuclear techniques

You can’t change what you can’t measure: understanding greenhouse gas emissions in Costa Rica

A changing world

Using nuclear techniques to investigate the impact of climate change on polar and mountainous regions

When surging seas meet stronger rain: nuclear techniques in flood management

Ocean acidification: the little-known impact of CO2 emissions

The nuclear option

The case for using nuclear power to combat climate change

Does nuclear power really help us fight climate change?

Open for applications: IAEA Coordinated Research Activities in 2015

Mongolia and IAEA: successful cooperation, renewed focus on cancer care

Action at sea: transport security exercise conducted off the coast of Sweden

Atoms in Industry

Rays of hope for development

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