Contributing Solutions for Nutrition

Vol. 55-1

March 2014

The March 2014 IAEA Bulletin issue focuses exclusively on the Agency’s work on nutrition. Indeed the IAEA has been harnessing nuclear science and technology for the improvement of global nutrition for decades, developing various techniques and adapting to different situations. Thus, after an introductory word by Director General Yukiya Amano, this edition’s articles examine the IAEA’s contributions to nutrition programmes around the world with isotopic techniques, often through its Technical Cooperation programme with Member States or partnerships with international organizations. The IAEA also helps Member States build and establish nutrition-oriented scientific capacities, and works with them to detect gastrointestinal bacterial infections, to assess breastfeeding or to reduce childhood obesity. This Bulletin issue ends with testimonies from members of institutions across the world involved in IAEA-supported nutrition programmes.

The IAEA Focuses on Global Nutritional Needs

IAEA Nutrition Programmes Feed Global Development

A Small Part Can Reveal the Whole: How Isotope Techniques Help Nutrition

Isotopes Help Design Better Nutrition Programmes

A Way Forward to Improve Nutrition with Stable Isotopes

Assessing Interventions: IAEA Technical Cooperation Enhances Nutrition Programmes

The IAEA Establishes Partnerships with International Organizations to Prevent Malnutrition in Children and Older People

Tracking Nutritional Progress: IAEA Capacity Building Programmes

Evaluating Food-Based Approaches to Prevent Micronutrient Malnutrition Using Isotope Techniques

Stable Isotopes: The Method of Choice to Assess Vitamin A Interventions

Using Nuclear Techniques to Detect Helicobacter pylori Infection

Chile Halts Rise in Childhood Obesity

Assessing Breastfeeding Using Nuclear Science

The IAEA Supports Member States' Nutrition Programmes: What They Have to Say

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