Contributing to Peace, Health and Prosperity

Vol. 54-4

December 2013

The December 2013 IAEA Bulletin edition marks the 60th anniversary of the historic “Atoms for Peace” speech delivered by US President Eisenhower in 1953, asking for the creation of an International Atomic Energy Agency. In June 1954, the world’s first civilian nuclear power plant was commissioned in Obninsk, USSR. This edition looks at some of the nuclear science and technology that the IAEA contributes to spreading around the world. They are used to improve agricultural production; to eradicate diseases and insects that threaten livestock; to manage animal nutrition and improve livestock reproduction, breeding, and health; to address soil erosion and land degradation; and to sustainably use trans-boundary water sources. Nuclear medicine and imaging techniques save lives, restore health, and alleviate suffering. Irradiating some foods kills disease-causing organisms. The IAEA Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) programme, which celebrated its 30th anniversary, helps Member States achieve higher levels of safety. A look is also taken at next-generation reactors.

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