Troubled Waters

Vol. 45-1

June 2003

The June 2003 IAEA Bulletin edition focuses on both peaceful and non-peaceful nuclear uses. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei calls for strengthening the global security framework to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Articles report on radiological dispersal devices, illicit trafficking, nuclear law and safeguards. They also examine the topics of freshwater, nutrition, radiopharmaceuticals, and decommissioning nuclear facilities. The IAEA also uses isotopic techniques in an interregional project to develop biosaline agriculture. 

WMD & Global Security: Time for Reform

The Changing Nature of Safeguards

Reducing the Threat of RDDS

Protecting the Source: Securing Nuclear Material & Strong Radiation Sources

Traces of Evidence: Nuclear Forensics & Illicit Trafficking

Decommissioning: Lessons To Learn

Building a Stronger Framework of Nuclear Law: The IAEA's Legislative Assistance Services

Water for Cities

Subterranean Blue: Sustaining Water Lifelines for Cities

Troubled Waters: The Future of the Oceans

Seeds of Life: How Wastelands Become Fertile Fields

Alleviating Hidden Hunger: Approaches That Work

New Horizons in Radiopharmaceuticals

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