Safeguards and the NPT

Vol. 27-2

June 1985

Since the last NPT Review Conference in 1980 and especially in the past two to three years, an increasing number of studies, publications, and books have appeared on nuclear non-proliferation. In this paper 14 books are reviewed

Safeguards and non-proliferation. The IAEA and efforts to counteract the spread of nuclear weapons

IAEA technical co-operation and the NPT

The voluntary safeguards offer of the United States. A review of its history and implementation

The national system of safeguards: Experience in Japan

Close-up on safeguards training. A comprehensive inspection exercise in the USSR

Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

Nuclear waste disposal: Understanding what happens underground. Assessing "near-field" effects for safe long-term isolation

Czechoslovakia: Profile of radioactive material transport

Radiation protection in the workplace. Emphasizing the control of internal radiation exposure

Poised for growth and challenges ahead. As interest in food irradiation mounts, experts outline future steps

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