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Vendor and User Requirements and Responsibilities in Nuclear Cogeneration Projects

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NR-T-2.17

English STI/PUB/2064 ¦ 978-92-0-136923-9

100 pages ¦ 10 figures ¦ € 46.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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Nuclear cogeneration to produce electricity and process heat for nonelectric applications such as desalination, district heating or cooling or hydrogen production can play an important role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The implementation of nuclear cogeneration projects is inherently complex and such projects require a clear understanding of actions and responsibilities during the design, operation and management phases. This publication focuses on analysing the requirements and responsibilities of users and vendors and correspondence between them through the life cycle to of a nuclear cogeneration project, highlighting experience and lessons learned from retrofit and new build projects.

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IAEA Nuclear Energy, Vendor, User Requirements, Responsibilities, Nuclear Cogeneration Projects, Electric Power and Heat, Nuclear Power Plants, NPPs, Total Energy Systems, On-Site Electric Power Production, Electricity, Process Heat, Nonelectric Applications, Desalination, District Heating, Cooling, Hydrogen Production, Dependence on Fossil Fuels, Design, Operation, Management Phases, Analysing the Requirements, Responsibilities of Users, Economic Aspects, Safety Considerations, Environmental Protection, Regulations, Technical and Contractual Matters, Correspondence, Life Cycle, Lessons Learned, Retrofit, New Build Projects, Stakeholder Involvement, User and Vendor Roles, Market Mapping, Understanding End User Needs, Feasibility, Selection of Vendors, Various Stages, Project Implementation, Case Studies, Nuclear Cogeneration Systems, Regulatory Requirements, Communication Aspects, Negotiation of the Business Model, Authorization, Decommissioning, Review

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