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Environmental Protection in New Nuclear Power Programmes

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NG-T-3.11 (Rev.1)

English STI/PUB/2076 ¦ 978-92-0-155023-1

56 pages ¦ 4 figures ¦ € 37.00 ¦ Date published: 2024


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Protection of the environment is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development, a key consideration for Member States embarking on new nuclear power programmes. National requirements and international instruments increasingly reflect this concern and for the provision of opportunities for interested parties and stakeholders to be involved in decision-making processes. This new edition provides valuable guidance to Member States on issues related to environmental protection when considering a new nuclear power plant. It aligns more closely with the phased approach and takes into account Revision 1 of IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-G-3.1 and highlights the interface with other infrastructure issues. It also considers lessons learned from the 30 Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) missions conducted to date, and ensures consistency, and alignment of approaches and terminology with other relevant IAEA publications. This publication is primarily intended for Member States who are considering or embarking on new nuclear power programmes, and specifically the decision makers and technical specialists who are involved in environmental protection.

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IAEA Nuclear Energy, Environmental Protection, New Nuclear Power Programmes, Nuclear Power Plants, Design and Construction, Sustainable Development, Member States, National Requirements, International Instruments, Stakeholder Engagement, Decision-Making Processes, Interface, Infrastructure Issues, Lessons Learned, 30 Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review, INIR, Missions, Decision Makers, Technical Specialists, Phases in the Milestone Approach, Legislative and Regulatory Aspects, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Monitoring Programme, Uncertainties, Funding and Financing, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Emergency Planning, Environmental Considerations, Radionuclides, Management of Radioactive Waste, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework, Licence, Permits, Nuclear Environmental Protection, Process and Activities, Environmental Performance Review

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